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Puerco Adobo
Recipe Yield: Serves 4

It’s the little pepper with the big kick that makes this Mexican-inspired dish a house favorite. Marinate the chops overnight for the maximum in flavor and pan-broil to seal in the flavor.
4  4-ounce  Smithfield Lean Generation boneless pork loin chops about 1-inch thick
1  12 ounce jar  Jalapeno peppers undrained
4  tsp.  Oregano
2  cloves  Garlic crushed
2  tsp.  Ground cumin
4  tbsp.  Cider vinegar
1/2  tsp.  Oil
  • Combine jalapeno peppers oregano garlic cumin and vinegar in blender container. Puree.
  • Marinate chops in this mixture 4 to 24 hours. Heat oil in large skillet; remove chops from marinade and panbroil 5 minutes on each side.
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