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Southwestern Chicken Salad with Creamy Green Chile Ranch Dressing
Recipe Yield: 10 Portions

20  oz.  Prepared Roasted Seasoned Chicken Breast
10  oz.  Iceberg Lettuce, chopped
10  oz.  Green Leaf Lettuce, chopped
3  cups  Red Kidney Beans, drained
3  cups  Roasted Yellow Corn
5  cups  Cheddar, mild, shredded
20  oz.  Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dressing
1 1/2  cups  Roasted Green Chilies, diced
  • Prepare roasted chicked according to directions: keep warmuntil ready for service
  • Place chopped iceberg and green leaf lettuce on plate
  • Top with roasted corn, kidney beans, roasted chicken, and then drizzle with green chile ranch dressing
  • Garnish with shredded cheddar.
  • Combine ranch dressing and gre chiles. Set aside in cooler until ready for service
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