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All Natural Turkey Sandwich
Recipe Yield: 

This good-for-you sandwich made with all natural turkey, heirloom tomatoes and locally grown field greens is sure to be a guest favorite.
   Foster Farms Turkey Roast with all natural ingredients
   Squaw or wheat bread
   herb mayo
   heirloom tomatoes
   field greens
   Brie cheese, slightly melted
  • On a serving plate place two slices of Squaw or wheat bread. On one side of each s lice of bread spread herb mayo.
  • On one slice of bread layer thick slices of Foster Farms Turkey Breast Roast with all natural ingredients (96530), sliced heirloom tomatoes, field greens, cranberries and slightly softened Brie (partially melted).
  • Top with the second piece of bread, cut on bias and serve.
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