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Turkey Francaise
Warm slices of Turkey breast sitting on toasted artesian bread are topped with sliced black forest ham, grilled tomato slices, fresh sage leaves and sliced gruyere cheese. For a final touch, drizzle with a Honey Mustard Infused Cream Sauce and serve.
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Turkey French Dip Sandwich
A warm Ciabatta roll spread with seasoned mayonnaise and layered with tender Foster Farms Turkey Breast, Swiss cheese, thinly sliced red onion and tomato. Serve with homemade Au Jus Sauce for dipping and marinated French olives on the side.
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Turkey Niçoise Sandwich
Roasted turkey topped with black olive-caper tapenade, chopped egg and tomato with Boston Bibb lettuce, served open-faced on grilled marjoram focaccia.
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Pesto Turkey Sandwich
Thinly sliced Foster Farms mounded high on Foccacia bread, slathered generously with pesto mayonnaise and topped with sprouts, sun dried tomatoes, sliced fresh tomatoes and Swiss cheese. Can be served either hot or cold.
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Turkey Po’ Boy
Fresh Foster Farms Turkey Breast carved thick onto a toasted French bread roll dressed with shredded iceberg lettuce, chopped tomato and silvered yellow onions. Dressed with a special Chipotle Chili Mayonnaise sauce.
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Turkey Reuben
Savory Turkey Ruben served on stout pumpernickel bread spread with Thousand Island sauce & stuffed with Turkey Breast, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese. This sandwich is grilled to perfection and served crisp and warm with crunchy dill pickles as a side.
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