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Turkey and Vegetable Tempura
Medley of fresh vegetables and fresh Foster Farms Turkey Breast quick fried for a delicious crunchy appetizer. Served with a tangy sauce for dipping.
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Turkey and Cranberry Bruschetta
Cranberry cream cheese spread atop fresh baguette bread, topped with shaved turkey and Gruyere cheese. Baked in the oven for a melted sweet and savory treat.
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Rustic Turkey Quesadillas
Grilled flour tortillas with smoked Gouda cheese, caramelized onions and Foster Farms shredded turkey breast. Goes great with the house Merlot!
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Turkey Frittata
Foster Farms Turkey Breast, bacon, tomato and scrambled eggs all baked together to make a warm frittata. Add crumbled Bleu cheese to the skillet mixture and then invert onto a platter and serve.
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Turkey Udon Bowl
Fill bowl with cooked udon noodles, warm julienne strips of turkey, steamed baby bok choy, bean sprouts, carrots and shredded Napa cabbage. Add soy sauce and sesame oil, and garnish with fresh chopped cilantro, green onions and toasted sesame seeds.
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Turkey Wellington
Delicious Wellingtons stuffed with a colorful mixture of cranberries and wild rice, Brie cheese and Foster Farms Turkey Breast. Bake in the oven until crisp and golden brown.
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